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...to embody who we really are
Interview mit Nandin von Birgit Kratz
Nandin hat viele Jahre lang Samarpan begleitet und seinen Satsangs und Retreats einen musikalischen Rahmen gegeben. Viele Menschen wurden von ihrer Musik immer wieder tief im Herzen berührt und auf das Zusammensein mit Samarpan eingestimmt. Wer sie kennt, vermisst ihre einfühlsam gespielte Live-Musik nun im Satsang. Wo ist sie geblieben? Was macht sie jetzt? (Das Interview ist in englischer Sprache verfasst)

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Quelle: Nandin
Birgit: Dear Nandin, many people know you and your music from Satsang with Samarpan. Since some time you are not travelling with him.
Now I read in your web-site:

After some years on the road with Samarpan, I met Arjuna (www.livingessence.com ) who brought to light how we can actually live an awakened life, and embody who we really are on a practical level. This is fantastic, and makes life easier and more delightful - which is what my name, Vimal Nandin means in Sanskrit - 'Pure Delight!'

I would like to know: What does this mean for you personally - "to embody who we really are on the practical level"?

Nandin: Arjuna is more of a 'put your best foot forward and do it now' or 'Don't just sit there, do something!' whereas Samarpan is 'everything in it's own time' and 'follow your motivation' in a more relaxed way.

'To embody who we really are' to Arjuna seems to mean going for the Truth in a very active way - doing practices to be in the here and now for example, or really turning up the volume on a feeling to experience it as completely as possible. He has some interesting practices for couples as well, that he teaches with his wife in a seminar that they call 'Real Love'.

Many of these practices are useful, but since they are practices - well - you have to 'do' them. This was okay at first, but I noticed that as time went on, I just wanted to be and not 'do' a practice. In the couples work, this was also interesting for a time, but then I realized that our roles were not to be each other's therapist, which can easily happen in this sort of thing, so we dropped doing these specific couples practices. It was interesting, and I find Arjuna to be a wonderful speaker, but as Samarpan says, life will give you all you need. Arjuna seems to like to be out there on the edge of things.

What I appreciate most about Arjuna are his Living Essence sessions. He has developed this series of sessions that I would call 'Satsang for Dummies' or - how to get to the truth of the matter without really trying. Basically, you learn to help your client relax, and then in the role of a facilitator, address whatever issue he/she is having. (relationship, job, Truth, etcetera- the usual sorts of things that people ask about.) This means that the facilitator provides the reminders of where the edges of the path are, but the client directs the whole session from his relaxed state and comes upon the answers to his challenges and reaches a resolution him or herself. Cool, eh? It is sort of what Samarpan does nightly intuitively in Satsang.

Birgit: How do you embody who you really are in your daily life now? Wat are you doing? How is life for you, not travelling with Samarpan?

Nandin: Okay, here we go with the questions: How do you embody who you really are in your daily life now?

It's very simple actually, I embody who I really am just by following the nudges that life gives.

Quelle: Nandin Baker

My particular embodiment seems to have to do with music a lot of the time. For me, music was a very early door to the divine,- or portal we could say :-) - and it can be very joyful for me to share this connection with others.

Everyday embodying of the divine can simply be a walk in the woods and being with the quiet presence there, or 'seeing' the person at the cash register while shopping and somehow connecting with them for a moment, or watching the birds at the birdfeeder - things that just make a little 'stop' happen - a brief return to the underlying ever present self.

What am I doing?

I've put together several music CDs for Samarpan since I left the travelling crew - the next one should be coming out soon. It is called 'Rest Here' and has Puja and I singing (mostly) mantras on it. After that is a CD that so far I am calling 'Coming to Peace' since that is the effect that particular music has on me. Right now it is being market researched by playing it in Satsang in various places and noticing the reaction of Samarpan and the folks in Satsang. There are actually 2 and a half CDs of music to try out, so some pieces will have to be left off!
Thanks to Adarsa, I have a little recording studio now which I would like to get to work in, but instead i got caught up in making websites and whatnot for the various live events that I have coming up. I played in Lüdinghausen with Pratibha and Omesh just before Christmas and that was great. We will do another weekend together in August by Hamburg, and since we like to play together, we plan to do it more frequently.

How is life for me not travelling with Samarpan?
As I mentioned to Samarpan, I actually overdid it with the travelling, so I was really relieved to finally not always be 'on the run' as one of my friends put it. Basically, Samarpan's message (or unveiling or whatever you want to call it) has sunk so deeply into me that I am no longer surprised by what happens in Satsang - it actually started to seem normal! At first - Satsang used to totally knock me out because it was so contrary to my conditioning - but it rang so true that I couldn't stay away. I realized at the beginning that I was going to have to stick around for a while to get debriefed or unprogrammed so to speak, and after enough years, much to my surprise, that seems to have gradually happened. Of course, as you know, we are never 'finished' with our programming or conditioning, but I can simply see the truth of things in a way I couldn't before. I couldn't ever have imagined this, but there it is. In retrospect, it is just the natural progression of things.

I too finally had time to watch Harry Potter, to watch nature documentaries on tv (my favourite) and tonight, I will watch Upps the Pannen show. I love to see the spontaneous humorous situations that we humans get ourselves into. I find it a sort of Satsang comedy on film. I also sometimes find time to watch films, but not too often. I read all the Harry Potter books, and many other books too, that I never had time for on the road. (I wasn't really interested in anything but Satsang for years.) So, I am enjoying being a normal human now instead of a gypsy, although being a gypsy (or neo-sannyasin actually - being homeless) was a wonderful learning experience. Just to experinece that you will always find a place to lay your head at night was such a lesson in trusting existence!

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